Our Mission

​Our Mission is to protect and preserve the quality and riparian habitat of the inland waters of Oneida County by serving as an advocate and an information source for, and a communication link among lake and river associations and districts, county and ​local government, and the public.




Latest News

ALERT: P&D Committee proposals would weaken shoreland protections

The day likely will soon come for OCLRA and lake advocates to stand up and be counted on protection of our vital lake shorelands. Revisions to the Oneida County Shoreland Protection Ordinance are now being considered by the Planning and Development Committee.


OCLRA to discuss resolution favoring action on hazardous boat wakes

The OCLRA board is considering adoption of a template resolution in support of responsible regulation of hazardous wakes such as those caused by wakeboarding and wake surfing. Enhanced boat wakes have caused significant concern related to shoreline erosion, roiling of lake bottoms and resuspension of phosphorus, property damage, and safety risks for people enjoying paddling…


Doing the Right Thing for Our Lakes and Rivers

Our popular collection of essays on best practices for lake stewardship, lake science and shoreland restoration.

We Can't Accomplish This Work Without You

OCRLA is a 501c3 non-profit lake conservation and education organization. All of our work is funded by generous donations, public grants and support from our member families and lake organizations. Get involved and be part of a dynamic community working to preserve our beautiful lake and river heritage. Together, we can make a difference.